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IntimaLase and IncontiLase: 

Our laser vaginal procedures are aimed at helping women with vaginal relaxation syndrome as well as women with urine leaking issues. 

The procedures are done as an out patient procedure. There is no discomfort. There is no pain. There is no need for anasthesia or freezing. There is no cutting or blood loss.

These procedures have been done in Europe and South America for about 8 years now, 4 years in Canada. They have proven to be very effective, with most women who had the procedures done saying they are very happy with the results. The procedures (and the laser machine) have a stellar safety record.


Is a vaginal laser procedure aimed at rejuvenating the vaginal walls in women who are 50 or older. While we cannot reverse age, we can reverse its effects. 

Read more in our main site: www.cosmeticgynecology.ca

PRP injection

Is sometimes added to the Laser treatment in women 50 and older.

G Shot 

Is a local injection in the vagina at the site of the G spot. It is perceived to enhance intimacy.

Labial Reduction

The name says it all. Needs a surgical center.


Who We Are

Dr Abdel Hadi is our Cosmetic Gynecologist. He is the physician who conducts the consult with you whether in person or via video conference. 

Either Dr Abdel Hadi, or one of the many well trained nurses in our team will perform the procedure, depending on location, type of procedure, your wishes, and according to the current regulations. 

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Demo video

Check out this great video about how laser Vaginal Tightening is done.

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